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Company Introduction

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Executive message Dear partners, Since the 2

    Executive message

    Dear partners,

    Since the 2005s with early development, Commerce and Electronic Bao Chau Co., Ltd (or called Bao Chau ELEC) becomes one of the leading companies in Vietnam professional audio market. We always satisfy customers with good service of providing genuine audio equipment including consultation, construction and installation in most places and create the high-quality of entertainment audio service in the future. The both customer and partner confidence is the impetus for our strong activities in the next business development strategy.

    In the past 13 years, Bao Chau ELEC has created a large sale network and got close cooperations with many companies and international distributors. Millions of products supplied from our company became the preferred choice of consumers not only for Vietnamese but also for the famous international organizations working in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, etc.

    Bao Chau ELEC is committed to selling the high-quality products and give satisfactory services to customers. We built the system of sound quality assessment following the brand standards. Therefore, we maintain the trust of customers together with the positive feedback of unique products for distributors.

    The success of Bao Chau ELEC is based on five simple principles:

     Choose the best selection of products (both of popular and unique products)

     Response the customer needs following Standards-based assessment products in Vietnam

     Give a full of delivery and installation service

     Provide competitive price

     Be honest, polite and professional with customers

    With an overall view about Bao Chau ELEC’s development in the coming years, we look forward to cooperating with you and developing more diversified products in the audio equipment market.

     Showroom Haiphong


    Founded in 2005 when the audio equipment becoming popular in Vietnam, Bao Chau ELEC focused on developing the products to response the high demands of the market. Therefore, our possibility of connection between customers and suppliers are always appreciated. We got a satisfaction with partners for stable sales and sometimes increased the revenue compare with targets of monthly development strategy and a whole year.

    We have millions of orders and products from suppliers with famous brands to consumers in Vietnam. Our showrooms distribute audio products mostly through 3 regions of Vietnam – North, Central and South by the following core values:

    Objective: “Provide the best products and services. Bring the highest satisfaction for customers”

    Vision: “Become the best audio equipment supermarkets with diverse products, reasonable prices nationwide and professional installed sound system”

    Mission: “Bring the sublimation of leisure time for consumers and create identities for Sound Of Life"

    The core value: “The best product – the perfect service” is the main value of Bao Chau ELEC in the past, present and future.


    Our showroom system

     Showroom Address

    The growth of Bao Chau ELEC in the recent years

     Revenue From 2013 to 2016Sale chart for each product type



    Awards and Highlights

    Customer confidence is our greatest achievement. We constantly strive to build a strong brand image and provide the best service to consumers in the development of Vietnam’s audio equipment. In this main process, we achieved the following notable achievements:

    + The reputation of products and services from 2010 to 2015 voted by consumers

    + Trusted brand in Ha Noi from 2013 to 2015 voted by Ha Noi’s consumers

    + The Youth Business Excellence Awards in 2015

    + Famous Brand Awards in 2014-2015

    + ASEAN Entrepreneur and Business in 2015


    The sales policy, consulting services and installation of audio equipment

    A/ The quality of services and sales

    Firstly, we offer genuine audio equipment with the reasonable price. Products have 100% Quality Guarantee and Warranty by the manufacturer and Bao Chau ELEC. Customers have chance to receive our special offers and one extra year of warranty.

    Secondly, we always directed attention as a common resource to satisfy the requirements of customers in the present and future. Moreover, we want to give the best service for each customer and become the customer confidence in the field of high-quality audio equipment.

    Thirdly, we have the role of a compliance business like the professional distributor. We also get the new insights on innovation and improve the quality of service. 

    Fourthly, the existence and development of Bao Chau ELEC associated with the maintenance and development of a quality management system aim to ultimately serve our customers better and better.

    Fifthly, we built the ordering and delivery system in a diverse, convenient and quick to serve customers as quickly as possible.

    Finally, we also have specialized staff to give customers the best serve from consulting, design, construction, installation and warranty.


    B/ The main product categories

    Bao Chau ELEC has extensive and diversified product categories. Therefore, we can expand the audio equipment market to fix customers needs. 



    C/ The professional consulting and installation service of audio equipment, karaoke device or other entertainment

    We provide consultancy, installation of audio equipment and perfect, professional and diverse test process with different levels to response the needs of customers and the consumer market in Vietnam including individual product packages for events or different space of indoors or outdoors.

    We have some typical installation features:



    The process of development cooperation

    Bao Chau ELEC has partnered with all the famous audio equipment manufacturers in the country and abroad to maintain our position as well as the trust of customers.  


    The successful development of Bao Chau ELEC based on consumer and partner interests.

    Benefits for customers:

    + Convenience of shopping anytime and anywhere

    + Diversity of products and services to individuals and households or large businesses

    + As a reliable address for all the needs of customers

    + The genuine, high-quality products and reasonable price. Giving client configuration and advice needed of audio equipment.


    Benefits for partners:

    + Increase the popularity of the brand and products through sales and advertising policies of Bao Chau Elec

    + Expand product distribution market, access consumers easier

    + High profits from big sales

    + Long-term business prospects


    Business development strategy

    With short-term development strategy in 2017 and long-term investments for the next 5 years, Bao Chau ELEC proposed development plans for all areas including the following main points:

    + Become importers, distributors & the 1st agency of the famous audio brand in the country and abroad. Provide all audio devices from partners for all provinces in Vietnam

    + Expand audio showroom system and increase the quality of service with experienced staff of design, installation and construction to warranty. The customer services get more diversified with customer needs.

    + Increase Sales strategy and Marketing effectiveness

    Besides the business development strategy, we hope to cooperate with you and contribute more benefits in the long term. As a reputable enterprise in Vietnam, we are committed to getting the trust from customers for the development of professional brand and proud to become the leading company in the audio equipment market.


    Some typical projects:


    Bảo Châu Elec

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